Investment Reports

It is the policy of the District that the administration of its funds and investment of those funds shall be handled as its highest public trust. Investments shall be made in a manner which will provide the maximum security of principal interest through limitations and diversification while meeting daily cash flow needs of the District and conforming to all applicable statutes governing the investment of public funds. It is the intent of the District to be in compliance with local law and the Texas Public Funds Investment Act. The earnings from the investment will be used in a manner that best serves the interest of the District.


The following is the District’s current investment reports plus one year prior. Anything older may be requested by submitting a Public Information Request.

2019 Investment Policy

2019 2nd Qtr Investment Report

2019 1st Qtr Investment Report

2018 4th Qtr Investment Report

2018 3rd Qtr Investment Report

2018 2nd Qtr Investment Report

2018 1st Qtr Investment Report